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Principal Denise Goulart, [email protected]
Dear Chaparral Elementary Family,
I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself and to thank you for the opportunity to work with your children as their new Principal. I cannot wait to get to know your child by name, to learn their talents, and to inspire them to find their next best self. My quest has begun to learn more about the Chaparral community and culture, and how together we can maximize a balanced education for our students. I plan on hosting a meet and greet event for parents, so please stay tuned for the date and time.
My name is Denise Goulart, and it is my fundamental belief that all children can learn if given the right time, place, and opportunity.
I believe in shared leadership, and I will be providing opportunities for all school stakeholders to share their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and talents to enhance, streamline, and prioritize the needs of our school.
Just a bit about my background...I am the daughter of a physician and elementary school counselor, sister to an anesthesiologist, wife to a programmer, and a. mom to two beautiful girls (age 8 and 12).  I attended the University of California Riverside, where I earned a Teaching credential, a B-CLAD (Bilingual, Cross-cultural, Language and Development) credential, a Master's in Education, and studied Environmental Toxicology and Liberal Studies. I then later received a Master's in Leadership and Administration while earning an administrative credential. I am currently awaiting to defend my dissertation and hope to earn my doctorate soon. When I'm not working, I enjoy traveling with my family to unfamiliar places, running outdoors, and reading.
My education led me to the classroom where my heart will always remain. I first and foremost am, and will continue to be a teacher, no matter what title proceeds my name. I have taught all grades K-8, and I especially loved inspiring students to work outside of their comfort zones. I am driven to create a cutting-edge learning environment that will prepare students for the competitive college and career workforce of the 21st Century.
Chaparral Elementary School is a place where students and teachers can feel free to take educational risks. I encourage all students and staff to push their thinking, to tap into their imagination, and to increase the boundaries of possibility. Together we can support student innovation, critical and adaptive thinking, metacognition, and create a culture in which tolerance, student safety, empathy, and diversity are the crux of every decision. Thank you again for this tremendous honor!
Denise Goulart