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Teacher Directory

Teachers   1-858-485-0042 and extension

School Main Number: 1-858-485-0042
Attendance Hotline: 1-858-485-0042 x4202

Name Email Grade/Title
Erika Keesling [email protected] Transitional Kindergarten 4104
Mary Ann Voorhees [email protected] Transitional Kindergarten 4166
Anne O'Beirne [email protected] Kindergarten 4118
Cari Denny
Kelly Jacobson
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kindergarten 4119
Denise Dwyer [email protected] Kindergarten 4101
Jenny Hansen and
Leslie Bell
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kindergarten 4103
Lynette McDonnell [email protected] Kindergarten 4102
Carly Riche [email protected] First Grade 4112
Brielle Kennett [email protected] First Grade 4121
Michelle Dominguez [email protected] First Grade 4110
Christina Glady [email protected] First Grade 4109
Rachael Fuhrmann First Grade 4120
Erin Baird [email protected] Second Grade 4124
Jenn Palmer Second Grade 4123
Liz Harms [email protected] Second Grade 4143
Grace Lapid-Mahelona [email protected] Second Grade 4116
Emily Westmoreland [email protected] Second Grade 4117
Christine Evans [email protected] Third Grade 4142
Nancy Bellinghiere-Hall [email protected] Third Grade 4144
Dave Carson [email protected] Third Grade 4113
Janet Engebretsen [email protected] Third Grade 4115
Cameron Shiflet [email protected] Third Grade 4114
Nicole Willis [email protected] Third Grade 4111
Kathryn Krebs Helson [email protected] Fourth Grade 4140
Jim Kolp [email protected] Fourth Grade 4139
Brenan Staples [email protected] Fourth Grade 4135
Robert Voorhees [email protected] Fourth Grade 4136
Sammie Schlosberg [email protected] Fourth/Fifth Combo 4134
Haley Kuck [email protected] Fifth Grade 4138
Kristin McAtee [email protected] Fifth Grade 4137
Scott Rinehart [email protected] Fifth Grade 4132
Elizabeth McCann [email protected] Fifth Grade 4133
Kathy Crouch [email protected] SDC/TK-1 4107
Carmen Shagam [email protected] SDC/2-3 4108
Jonathan Ross [email protected] SDC/3-5 4106
    Music 4147